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Ages 6 wks - 6 yrs


Play.. Explore.. Interact..
Discover Childhood...

Think.. Create.. Motivate..
Discover Learning...

Imagine.. Dream.. Reach out..
Discover Future...

Pasadena's Premiere Preschool

Serving Altadena and San Marino Neighborhoods

Welcome to Pasadena Preschool Academy! We are a preschool in Pasadena that caters to all families in the surrounding Pasadena areas, including Altadena and San Marino. We believe that very few experiences in life could rival the satisfaction of teaching young children. There is no other time in life that so much is learned as in the first five years. We have been playing a vital role in education with our preschool in Pasadena for many years. We are thankful to be able to help educate and further promote creative learning in children ranging from Infant (6 weeks) through Kindergarten.

Our unique Theme Based Academic Preschool curriculum incorporates Montessori Methodology to enable your child to reach his or her full potential while building independence and self-esteem. Our experienced, caring staff strive to provide a safe, educationally inviting environment to help foster their learning journey while in our care. We have Small Class Sizes and Experienced Faculty. Our Teaches recognize that each Child is Unique At Pasadena Preschool Academy.

At Pasadena Preschool Academy, we specialize in creating an environment that will enhance the creativity of your child. Our classrooms are Professionally Designed Age appropriately and consist of their own Reading, Math, Writing, Science, and Dramatic Play Centers. We believe a sense of well-being is essential for successful learning. Along with our amazing facilities, we do have monthly events that feature outdoor music, art, and themed activities that promote a fun and exciting learning atmosphere.

Finding a preschool can be difficult at times, but we make it easy for you to choose us. With our prime location in Pasadena that caters to all families in the surrounding areas, we make it possible for your child to obtain a proper education near you. With all the different learning activities and educational opportunities provided by our esteemed staff here at Pasadena Preschool Academy we hope to offer your child the optimum learning environment. You are more than welcome to contact us at any time and inquire about our program. We look forward to seeing you soon!

"This institution is an equal opportunity Provider & Employer"

For more information on our school or a scheduled tour please contact us directly or send us an email.

Parents, for more information on our monthly activities, contact your child's teacher for all of the exciting activities for the month.

"Where Every Child Can Succeed"

If you child's education is of paramount, don't hesitate to call us.

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