Junior Pre-Kindergarten

Junior Pre-Kindergarten Program Ages: 2-3 years

Our Junior Pre-K, students begin their journey into a more structured and exciting academic program balanced with hands-on learning that promotes discovery and exploration.

Your child will be introduced to subjects including language and literacy, writing (tracing letters), math concepts, science, geography, and history. They will read thematic books, join in open discussion, and create their own stories. They will also learn how to hold a pencil and trace and sort by different categories, sequence in order, and match identical objects. Your child will be learn how to mix colors for a science project, the cultures of different countries, and make crafts. They will also have the opportunity to enrich their musical ability by singing songs, playing instruments, and learning to dance.

In our Junior Pre-K, class, we will also focus on teaching social skills, such as how to share and clean up after oneself, proper manners, etiquette and other life skills that build confidence and independence.

LIC No: 198017845